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Rare Nirvana Concert Pictures - Photos of the Early Days of Nirvana
Kurt Cobain Nirvana Live on Stage Photos
16 Jan 1993, São Paulo, Brazil --- Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic of the group Nirvana pose for a portrait in a locker room moments before the show at the Morumbi Stadium in São Paulo, Brazil
Kurt Cobain Nirvana Live on Stage Photos
Aug 1993 --- Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic of the group Nirvana pose for the photographer Jesse Frohman. 
Aug 88, Tacoma, WA, US --- Krist Novoselic, Kurt Cobain and Chad Channing during the early Nirvana years
16 Jan 1993, São Paulo, Brazil --- Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic of the group Nirvana pose for a portrait in a locker room moments before the show at the Morumbi Stadium in São Paulo, Brazil
22 Sep 1990 -- Kurt Cobain at one of the most caotic Nirvana performances, at Motor Sports International Garage, Seattle, WA. 
Kurt Cobain Nirvana Live on Stage Photos
Kurt Cobain Nirvana Live on Stage Photos
Kurt Cobain Nirvana Live on Stage Photos
15 Fev 1990, Hollywood, CA --- Kurt Cobain during a Nirvana performance at the Raji's Club. A photo of that night appears on the sleeve of "Bleach". 

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Live on Stage Photos
03 Oct 1992 -- Kurt Cobain during a Nirvana performance, live at Sam Carver Gymnasium, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA 

23 Sep 1990 Seattle, WA, US --- Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain with Dan Peters at Shelli's house (Krist's wife)

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Live on Stage Photos
Kurt Cobain Nirvana Live on Stage Photos
Kurt Cobain's Nirvana
Meet the other members of the band

Krist Anthony Novoselic
Instrument: Bass
Born May 10, 1965 in Compton, CA to Krist and Maria
Has a younger sister, Diana, born in 1973, and a younger brother, Robert.
Married long-time girlfriend, Shelli, on December 30, 1989 in Tacoma, WA. (They later divorced in 1999.)

Worth noting: Krist is 6'7"---over a foot taller than Kurt was

It was Krist who was the Shocking Blue fan.  Kurt would've preferred their first single to be something that he wrote himself, not a cover song like Love Buzz, which Nirvana recorded because of Krist's love of the band.

Krist married his long-time girlfriend, Shelli, on December 30, 1989.  (They later divorced on 1999.) When Kurt and Courtney were married, Krist and Shelli always ignored Courtney.  She had too much control over Kurt, and they wanted nothing to do with her. Even today, Krist and Dave Grohl continue to have legal battles with Courtney over the rights to Nirvana's music. (Krist did buy the rights to Nirvana.com in 1999, but has no plans for it as of yet.)

Since Nirvana's untimely demise, Krist has become politically active, and he even formed a band called Sweet 75. 

He still finds it hard to this day to speak of Kurt Cobain, but he has been more vocal about it than he was right after it happened.
As of late, he has formed a commitee to battle censorship

In  recent months, has  also joined the punk band Flipper. 

*Krist only went  to church to meet girls*

David Eric Grohl
Instruments: Drums and background vocals
Born in Warren, OH on January 14, 1969 to James and Virginia

As of August 2003: married to Jordyn Blum
Grew up in Springfield, VA with his mother & younger sister, Lisa

Nirvana had one drummer after another since forming in 1987. After Chad Channing left the band after releasing BleachNirvana began to look for yet another drummer.

Buzz Osbourne of the Melvins recommended a drummer from Washington, DC by the name of Dave Grohl. This would be the last time they would have to look.

Dave Grohl had just recently left a band called Scream, and he boarded the plane to Seattle with only his drum kit and a bag of clothes. (He had also played in the band Freaky Baby before moving to Scream.)

Both Dave & Franz Stahl of the Foo Fighters got their start in Scream!

The trio of Nirvana that everyone now knows of was completed when Dave joined the band in 1990.

Kurt and Krist got along with Dave a lot better than they had with the previous drummers. (In one photo of Nirvana taken when Chad Channing was still in the band, Kurt had drawn a plus sign over himself and Krist, and a minus sign over Chad.)

During his tenure with the band, Dave played drums, sang back-up to Kurt, and lead sang on one song called Marigold, which is on the Heart-Shaped Box single.

Before getting married, Dave went through several relationships, notablely that of photographer Jennifer Youngblood, whom he divorced in 1997.

He still remains active in the music scene with his highly successful band, the Foo Fighters. Unlike his Nirvana days, he no longer plays drums, but instead plays lead guitar, sings the lead vocals, and writes most of their songs.

He did reprise his role as a drummer when he appeared on Mad Tv with Jack Black's band, Tencious D, among others.

Dave was asked by Tom Petty in 1994 if he would be interested in joining the Heartbreakers, but Dave declined, due to the release of the Foo Fighters self-titled debut, many of the songs of which were recorded during his time with Nirvana as demos.
Kurt Cobain Nirvana Live on Stage Photos