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Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain fight over custody and trust fund looking her best!
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Kurt Cobain's daughter steals show at gala

In February of 2007, Donatella Versace was applauded by some of Tinseltown's biggest names when she received the Rodeo Drive Walk Of Style Award this week. But despite the presence of many of the movie industry's hottest leading ladies, it was the rarely seen daughter of an iconic rocker who garnered the most attention at an after-party to celebrate the event.

Fourteen-year-old Frances Bean Cobain, whose father was Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, caused quite a stir when she rolled up to the lavish bash with her mother Courtney Love. With her striking pale blue eyes and long dark hair, the young woman managed to turn plenty of heads as she mingled with the likes of Sharon Stone and Tyra Banks for the evening.

Frances Bean Cobainin 2008
Frances Bean Cobain
in 2008
Courtney Love looking her best!
Courtney Love looking her best!
Courtney Love sued over Nirvana catalog sale

Firm claims Kurt Cobain's widow failed to pay them $975,000

July. 22, 2008: LOS ANGELES - A business management and accounting firm sued Courtney Love for nearly $1 million on Tuesday, claiming she failed to pay them a share of profits from the sale of Nirvana publishing catalog.

Love, widow of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain. The five-page lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Tuesday afternoon claims she sold a portion of his share of Nirvana publishing catalog for $19.5 million.

Los Angeles-based London & Co. alleges Love broke an oral contract to share 5 percent of any of her earnings or those from her company, The End of Music.

That company, according to the lawsuit, was created to manage Cobain’s intellectual property, including his career with Nirvana.

London & Co. claims its share from the sale would have been $975,000.

Love controlled most of the rights to Cobain and Nirvana work after his suicide in 1994.

The former Hole front woman sold a portion of her rights to Nirvana€™ publishing catalog in 2006.

Courtney Love looking weird
Courtney Love
Music Boss: 'Courtney Love Ruined Nirvana'

Courtney Love caused the downfall of her husband, Kurt Cobain's band Nirvana, according to a new book detailing the late rocker's life.

Former record executive Danny Goldberg writes in his recently published memoirs, "Bumping Into Geniuses," that the Hole frontwoman led the doomed musician into a world of drugs and debauchery.

In the revealing tome, the author claims Courtney Love acted as Cobain's "mouthpiece" and once demanded that Goldberg give them a huge amount of cash which they were allegedly planning to spend on a heroin binge.

He writes, "I felt pretty uncomfortable as I delivered the package of $100 bills to her at the hotel. Abruptly, the dark cloud of drug excess had entered the band's life. I was confronted by the baroque facade of lies and the awful glassy-eyed deadness that regular heroin use provides." He adds, "Courtney's very presence was a metaphor for the end of one era in the band's life and the beginning of another."

Goldberg calls Kurt Cobain of Nirvana "the greatest rock artist I would ever work with." Cobain rose to superstardom from the ultra-purist indie/punk scene and maintained a posture of ambivalence toward his pop success to the bitter end.

At the height of Nirvana mania in April 1992, Cobain appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing a hand-lettered T-shirt railing against "corporate magazines."

Yet Goldberg quotes Cobain's bandmate Krist Novoselic: "You know who wanted to reach more people the most of the three of us? Kurt. He wanted to make it big." And Goldberg tells how Cobain ordered the removal of references to "punk politics" from Nirvana's press kit to emphasize the band's sense of humor and broaden its mainstream appeal - to make things just a bit clearer for puff-piece writers in those corporate magazines.

Beneath Cobain's punk-rock glower and ratty cardigan lurked a savvy brand-management specialist.

In one of his more hyperventilating passages, Goldberg writes: "Kurt had a mystical and powerful connection with the audience that took my breath away. ... I realized that Kurt Cobain was not just a smart, quirky rock artist but also a true genius." Perhaps. But like many of the musicians, executives and industry grunts we bump into in Goldberg's lively pages, Cobain was something more essential to the business - and the art - of rock n' roll than a genius. He was a professional.
Courtney Love loses custody of her daughter Frances Bean Cobain
Bumping Into Geniuses by Danny Goldberg
"Kurt was the greatest rock artist I would ever work with."
The Book "Bumping Into Geniuses"
Courtney Love Loses
Custody Of Daughter
Frances Bean Cobain!
Custody of Frances Bean Cobain is granted to her grandmother and the late Kurt Cobain's aunt.

December 14, 2009: Courtney Love guardianship of Frances Bean Cobain...
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Courtney Love slams 'deceptive' daughter Frances Bean Cobain on Facebook after losing custody
December 16, 2009: Just days after losing custody of Frances Cobain, Courtney Love...

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Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain fight over custody and trust fund looking her best!
Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain fight over custody and trust fund looking her best!
Courtney Love lost custody of Frances
Bean because of "domestic violence"
December 24, 2009: A court document filed by lawyers - which was leaked - requests that all files which relate to "a minor and allegations of domestic abuse" be sealed.
Read the rest of this story at:
We have leaked copies Frances Bean Cobain custody case court documents alleging domestic violence!
December 24, 2009: See the court document filed by lawyers - which was leaked:
Washington, January 2, 2010 : Courtney Love, of Hole rock band fame has filed a...
 Courtney Love says...“Those weren't my Courtney Love credit cards"
Courtney Love files counter-suit over 104 American Express credit cards
Courtney Love says...
"€œThose weren't my Courtney Love credit cards"
January 16, 2010: Having lost custody of her daughter, Courtney Love might be...
Courtney Love New Tattoos
Flower tattoos on her arms, breasts, back!
Courtney Love getting new flower tattoos on arms, breast, back
Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain fight over custody and trust fund looking her best!
August 11, 2010: Courtney Love cannot keep her big mouth shut, especially when it comes to her... 
"Courtney Love Reveals How Much Money Kurt Cobain's Estate Pulls in!
Courtney Love, looking smashing, says...“Those weren't my Courtney Love Tweets"
April 27, 2010: Just a day after Billy Corgan went on a Twitter rant against Courtney... 
Courtney Love Says: €œBilly Corgan Is 'Obsessed' With Her Daughter Frances Bean Cobain€
Billy Corgan uses a cross to protect himself from the wrath of Courtney Love and her evil Tweets
Courtney Love, looking smashing, says...“Those weren't my Courtney Love Tweets"
Frances Bean Cobain now contols trust fund
Frances Bean Cobain - All New "edgy" Photos from August 2011
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17 years ago, KURT COBAIN of NIRVANA fame died:
Courtney Love says: "I'd Kill Kurt Cobain For Killing Himself!"
November 22, 2011: Courtney Love exposes her breasts in New York City
Wow! Frances Bean Cobain just filed for divorce!

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