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Courtney Love files counter-suit over 104 American Express credit cards
See related stories about custody suit and Courtney Facebook ranting
“Those weren't my Courtney Love credit cards, I didn't use a single one of them” claimed Courtney!
Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain when they were closer
Frances Bean Cobain gets Restraining Order against Mother Courtny Love and domestic violence has been stated as one of the reasons
Read this news story
 Courtney Love says...
“Those weren't my Courtney Love credit cards"
Frances Bean Cobain gets Restraining Order against Mother Courtny Love
Frances Bean Cobain gets Restraining Order against Mother Courtny Love
Read this news story
Washington, January 2, 2010 : Courtney Love, of Hole rock band fame has filed a countersuit against American Express, claiming the company issued a 'massive' number of cards in her name without her knowledge or consent.

The wife of the late Nirvana grunge star Kurt Cobain was sued by American Express who alleged that the actress owed $352,059.67 in unpaid charges.

And now, according to the legal papers, the 45-year-old musician (and alleged deadbeat) has countered the suit with allegations that the American Express is guilty of sloppy business practices.

“Oh my, American Express keeps sloppy records, but Courtney Love doesn't!”

Courtney''s legal team claim (Hope they get paid, rumors are that she doesn't like paying her lawyers) 104 credit cards were issued under her name and that she did not make a single one of the charges in question.

She is now reportedly suing American Express for an undisclosed amount along with interest. (Guess American Express won't be using Courtney Love in any of their commercials.) 
Frances Bean Cobain in custody battle with Courtney Love
Frances Bean Cobain in custody battle with Courtney Love
Read this news story
Courtney Love says...“Those weren't my Courtney Love credit cards"
Courtny Love in another legal battle - Once again she's just the innocent victim
Courtney Love Says: “Billy Corgan Is 'Obsessed' With Her Daughter Frances Bean Cobain”
See related stories about custody suit and Courtney Facebook ranting
April 27, 2010: Just a day after Billy Corgan went on a Twitter rant against Courtney Love, as expected, the Hole leading lady posted her inevitable and semi-unintelligible response to Corgan's accusations. Here's a quick recap: Their beef stems from a falling out they had over songs written for Hole's new album, 'Nobody's Daughter,' released this week. On Monday, Corgan went on a Twitter spree, calling Love irresponsible, talentless and dishonorable. 

It seems Corgan struck a chord when he brought up Love's daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Today, Love responded to Corgan's assertion that Courtney abandoned Frances, who, in Corgan's view, is "smarter," "cooler" and "better" than her famous mom. "What does 'BETTER' mean i agree heartily that [Frances] is indeed Smarter and Cooler than ANYONE will ever be you creep now go away GROSS," she tweeted.

Love continued by asserting that Corgan "coughs up this spiritual s--- like bile and lives none of it, I really think its truly creepy how jealous and obsessed w [Frances] he is GROSS."

While Love honed in on Corgan's repeated referencing of her daughter, she did manage to censor herself. Tweet Soup shows a deleted tweet Love sent to Corgan, asking if he's a "pedophile." She went on to say in tweets later deleted, "Your creepiness is disgusting shes never going to respond to you ever, leave her alone or ill seek a TRO." That's "temporary restraining order" for those of you who are legal lingo challenged. (I didn't know it either).

Hole is scheduled to appear on 'The Late Show With David Letterman' this coming Tuesday. We won't want to miss that will we? Remember last time she was on David Letterman's show and she decided to show off her breasts? You forgot already? OK, her's a reminder, you can see the photo here:  Courtney Love breast-revealing photo on Letterman
 Courtney Love, looking smashing, says...
Those weren't my Courtney Love Tweets"
Courtney Love, looking smashing, says...“Those weren't my Courtney Love Tweets"
Meanwhile, Billy Corgan uses a cross to protect himself from the wrath of Courtney Love and her evil Tweets
Billy Corgan uses a cross to protect himself from the wrath of Courtney Love and her evil Tweets
Courtney Love says: "I'd Kill Kurt Cobain For Killing Himself!"
October 5, 2011: Now that really makes sense... Just more of Courtney Love's logic: she's so mad at Kurt Cobain for having killed himself and leaving her alone, if he came back from the dead, she'd kill him again. After having sex with him. 

Courtney Love (singer and renown drug addict) features in a a new article for Vanity Fair, in which she speaks about both losing her Nirvana lead man husband Kurt Cobain and the financial wreck that her life has become.

"Mad? Ya think?! If he came back right now I'd have to kill him, for what he did to us. I'd f*cking kill him. I'd f*ck him, and then I'd kill him," she tells the magazine. "He OD'd at least five times. I was the f*cking E.M.S. I was always sticking pins in his balls. I carried around Narcan!"
But while, sadly, Cobain is long gone, suspiciously, his line of credit remained active. As it turns out, Love alleged in 2008, identity thieves used his information to buy a $3 million mansion and steal up to $72 million. Love is obsessed with what she calls "the fraud," which has overtaken her life -- to the detriment of her relationship with her and Cobain's daughter, Frances Bean.

"It was my fault! I never read to her!" she said of Frances' inability to read until the age of seven, one of many parenting mistakes she laments. Frances emancipated from Love in 2009,
 and when she turned 18 last year, Love had a freakout on Twitter, begging her daughter to come back to her. 

"Why didn't I ever take her to a Broadway show? She f*cking loved those Broadway musicals!" she continues in the Vanity Fair article. Those were the type of shows Frances wanted to star in, Love reveals, not the dark, racy kind of roles that producers wanted her for. 
"That's not who she is. It freaked her out. She wanted a Zoey 101 [the canceled Nickelodeon tween show] or something," Love says.
Courtney Love says: "I'd Kill Kurt Cobain For Killing Himself!"
Courtney Love Exposes Breasts in New York City!
November 22, 2011: The singer decided to display a large percentage of her whole breasts in this striking red number during a night out in New York yesterday evening.

The dress has the potential to be quite stylish, but Courtney doesn’t really fit into it in the right places having lost so much weight over the past year or so.

At the very least, Courtney could have done with wearing a bra, with the top half of the frock sagging far too low and pulling her chest in different directions.

‘But where was she going?’ you’re all thinking, ‘A rock ‘n’ roll party where nip slips are widely accepted, no doubt’. No, no – Courtney was celebrating the release of new children’s film Hugo.

On her way home from the party, Courtney took the time to stop and chat to a tramp, who probably couldn’t believe his luck.
"Courtney Love says she's trying to take care of herself. We're not sure lf walking around the lobby of the Mercer Hotel with her boobs out is progress or not."   --New York Times
Courtney Love exposes breasts to tramp in NYC
Courtney Love exposes breasts in New York City
Courtney Love exposes breasts leaving Mercer Hotel
 Courtney Love exposes breasts in New York City 
 Courtney Love exposes breasts leaving Mercer Hotel
 Courtney Love exposes breasts to tramp in NYC

Courtney Love is once again in a Twitter battle with daughter Frances Bean Cobain!
Do You Think Twitter should ban Courtney Love over her latest tweets?

Frances Bean Cobain is calling on Twitter to ban her mother, singer Courtney Love, from using its service after Love sent out a series of tweets accusing rocker Dave Grohl of hitting on her daughter.

Cobain denies any untoward behaviour on the part of Grohl, a former bandmate of Love's late husband and Cobain's father, Kurt Cobain, in the band Nirvana. 

"While I'm generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn," Cobain said in a statement Thursday,. I have never been approached by Dave Grohl in more than a platonic way. I'm in a monogamous relationship and very happy. Twitter should ban my mother." 

Grohl, now lead singer of the Foo Fighters, denied the accusations, calling them "upsetting, offensive and absolutely untrue."

Twitter has not commented publicly on the incident. 

Love sent the tweets from a protected account, @cbabymichelle, meaning only those approved to follow it have access to it. 
“Twitter should ban my mother."
 --Frances Bean Cobain
Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain when they were closer
Courtney Love’s Twitter Account Apologizes to Frances Bean Cobain!

Realizing that her very Twitter existence was at stake, Love offered her daughter an  apology: "Bean, I'm sorry I believed the gossip. Mommy loves you."
 Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain when they were closer
Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain when they were closer
Shot of Courtney Love's Twitter Account
 Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain in earlier days
“Twitter should ban my mother."
 --Frances Bean Cobain

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Courtney Love Thinks She May Have Found Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
As Courtney Love as well as countless others are searching for this missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Courtney Love thinks she may have located it!

On Monday, March 17, this 49-year-old leader of the Band Hole, came up with her own idea of where it is. (Next she will start a search for her brain.)Love even took to Facebook and posted satellite imagery of the ocean close to the plane's last known coordinates. She then drew some arrows on the image with the words "Oil" and "Plane," 

"I'm no expert but up close this does look like a plane and an oil slick," wrote Love. "Prayers go out to the families #MH370 and its like a mile away Pulau Perak, where they 'last' tracked it 5°39'08.5"N 98°50'38.0"E but what do I know?"

Courtney Love has joined millions of other people in the effort to search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 in the wake of the plane's shocking disappearance on March 8, by logging into crowdsourcing locator website Tomnod.

The Hole singer scoured satellite images over the areas law enforcement and local officials have been circling around in hopes of finding evidence of the plane, or any wreckage — and she thinks she may have found something.

Guess this is turning into a “Where’s Waldo” game now that Courtney is aboard. OK, all eyes are needed to help in this search, it’s just that I remember several pics we posted on this website showing that she couldn’t even locate her breasts when going into the lobby of a NYC hotel! (See story and photos right below this one.)

Yeah, I went to the satellite site and just uploaded tons and tons of pictures," she said. "I really doubt aliens took it. It's got to be somewhere. I'm a little obsessive."

"I mean I don't know anything about aviation per se," she added.
"I figured a plane would still be leaking some fuel so I searched for signs of an oil slick. I found one and there appeared to be an object nearby. I don't know if it is the plane or not, but I figured I'd do my part and bring some awareness to the site, for the sake of all the families involved."

"I hope they find the plane. I pray they're still alive. It's sad and my heart goes out to all those involved. ... It's the least I can do."

Where is The Malaysian Airliner?

I wonder if REMOTE VIEWERS have been used to try and locate this missing plane? I know that they have had success locating downed planes in the past. Some amazing Info has even been obtained by several Remote Viewers!