72 Strange, Unknown Facts About Kurt Cobain
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1. Before launching into “Smells Like Teen Spirit” live on the British television show The Word, Cobain announced, “Courtney Love, the lead singer of the sensational pop group Hole, is the best fuck in the world.”

2. Cobain’s favorite Pixies song is “Gigantic.”

3. Courtney Love once said, “Kurt was pure and he was also insanely ambitious. He wanted what he got, but because of his training, because of Olympia, he decided he didn’t want it.”

4. When just starting out, Cobain insisted that Nirvana practice five nights a week.

5. While in junior high, Cobain’s father, Donald, enrolled Cobain in his school’s wrestling team. In tournaments, Cobain refused to fight back. Instead, he sat on the mat with his arms folded.

6. As a boy, Cobain had an imaginary friend named “Boddah.”

7. Cobain often watched television late into the night.

8. In a letter to his father, Donald, Cobain wrote: “Ive never taken sides with you or my mother because while I was growing up I had equal contempt for you both.”

9. While homeless for a time, Cobain would sleep in the waiting room at Grays Harbour Community Hospital, the place of his birth.

10. Before Nirvana, Cobain had auditioned to be in the Melvins, but was rejected.

11. Kurt’s favourite movie of all time was the Matt Dillon drama, Over the Edge.

12. The day Nevermind was released Kurt was evicted from his apartment and forced to live in his car. The album went on to sell over 26 million copies worldwide.

13. Kurt Suffered From Intense Debilitating Stomach Problems: In his journals, Kurt often mentioned that he was suffering from chronic stomach pain. He went to several doctors but they were unable to determine the cause. His condition worsened as time progressed which prompted Cobain to shoot up more and more heroin to alleviate the pain. In his suicide note, Kurt references his stomach problems:

"Thank you all from the pit of my burning, nauseous stomach for your letters and concern during the past years."

14. REM’s Let Me In was written about Kurt. Michael Stipe was a close friend of his and is the Godfather to Kurt’s daughter Frances Bean.

15. The Beatles and The Melvins were Kurt’s two favourite bands. His favourite Beatles' track was the John Lennon penned Julia.

16. Kurt once auditioned for the Melvins, but was (thankfully) turned down.

17. One Of Nirvana's First Gigs Was Offered By Kurt's Medical Examiner: In the eighties, Dr. Nikolas Hartshorne was a punk rock promoter. He was responsible for booking Nirvana's third gig which was held at the Central Tavern in Seattle. Six years later, Dr. Hartshorne served as the medical examiner for Kurt Cobain following his death.

18. Born in Aberdeen, WA, the town’s welcome sign now reads; Welcome to Aberdeen, Come as you are.

19. Kurt and Guns N’ Roses front man Axl Rose had a long running feud, stemming from Kurt’s refusal to open for Axl’s band on numerous occasions.

20. At the 1992 MTV Music Awards Kurt spat on a piano he believed was Axl Rose's, he later found out that the piano belonged to Elton John.

21. In July 1993, Kurt was scheduled to perform at the New Music Seminar in New York City. Prior to the show, Kurt shot up too much heroin which resulted in an accidental overdose. Courtney Love injected him with Narcan and then punched him in the chest. This resuscitated Kurt who went on to perform later that night as if nothing had happened.

22. Kurt had a fascination with the human anatomy and foetuses.

23. NIRVANA’s lead man said that the band’s name should always be written in capitals.

24. Growing up a young and lonely Kurt Cobain had an imaginary friend called Boddah. His suicide note was addressed to his old friend.

25. While still a teenager, for eight months Cobain lived at a friend’s house and slept on the sofa.

26. Kurt’s Dennis the Menace style red and black striped jumper was taken from a fan after Kurt saw him wearing it outside a show.

27. Cobain got the name for Smells Like Teen Spirit from a woman’s deodorant brand. Bikini Kill drummer Tobi Vail wrote, Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit across his hotel room wall, after he had an argument with Bikini singer Kathleen Hannah. 

28. Cobain recorded his first songs in December 1982 at his Aunt Mari’s house. They involved a guitar, bass, and spoons banged against a suitcase. Cobain titled the recordings “Organized Confusion.”

29. He was over the moon when Weird Al Yankovic asked to parody Smells Like teen Spirit, believing this meant Nirvana had truly made it. In his diaries he referred to Weird Al as a ‘musical genius’.

30.Nirvana's Fourth Album Would Have Been More Acoustic, Less Grungy: Following the highly successful performance at MTV Unplugged, Kurt mentioned that his next album would be more ethereal and acoustic. He had recently discovered Lead Belly (See Kurt's cover of Where Did You Sleep Last Night) and wanted to move away from grunge for Nirvana's fourth studio record. He had even spoken to R.E.M's lead singer, Michael Stipe, about it.

31. In 1993 Kurt accidentally overdosed on heroin prior to a show at the New Music Seminar in New York. Courtney Love injected him with Narcan and punched him in the heart. Back from the brink Kurt went on to perform that night.

32. Kurt wanted Nirvana’s fourth album to be a more acoustic affair and move the band away from Grunge. He was heavily influenced by their MTV Unplugged appearance and had recently discovered American folk and blues legend, Lead Belly.

33. For a time, Cobain would often throw up before each show.

34. When Nirvana was on the rise, Metallica sent them a fax that read: “We really dig Nirvana. Nevermind is the best album of the year. Let’s get together soon, Metallica. PS, Lars hates the band.”

35. Kurt Cobain’s suicide was once the feature of an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

36. Kurt was listening to R.E.M’s Automatic for the People when he took his life at his Lake Washington home.

37. In 2008 Kurt’s ashes were stolen from Courtney Love’s house.

38. Suicide Tendencies In The Cobain Family: While the question of whether or not Kurt committed suicide will forever be under debate, what is certain is that two of Kurt's uncles had actually killed themselves. The cause of both deaths: a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. When Kurt was younger, he would often record movies on a Super-8 camera. One of his films included a scene where he commits suicide. His daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, had a suicide-themed party for her sweet 16.

39. His suicide was placed at No. 1 on NME’s list of Top 100 Rock Moments of All-Time.

40. Smells Like Teen Spirit Is Named After A Body Deodorant.

41. One night, Kurt got into an argument with Kathleen Hanna (from Bikini Kill). When he woke up the next morning, he found that Tobi had written "Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the wall of his hotel room. Tobi was actually referring to the deodorant brand that she wore (Teen Spirit). Unaware of the deodorant, Kurt loved the term so much that he decided to name his Pixies-influenced song, Smells Like Teen Spirit, after the phrase. While he probably had to pay a fine for the vandalism on the hotel's wall, we're pretty sure the song more than paid for the damages.

42. Cobain's Suicide Note Was Addressed To His Imaginary Friend: While growing up, Kurt had an imaginary friend named Boddah. He would often claim that Boddah was the person responsible for any of his wrong doings. Kurt's suicide note is addressed to Boddah.

43. For many years, Cobain enjoyed making Super-8 films. One of these movies contains a scene in which Cobain commits suicide.

44. In his free time, Cobain liked to buy big hunks of meat from the grocery store, and then go out into the woods and shoot at them with a variety of guns.

45. In June 1976, shortly after his parents divorced, a young Cobain scribbled onto his bedroom wall, “I hate Mom, I hate Dad, Dad hates Mom, Mom hates Dad, it simply makes you want to be sad.”

46. One of Cobain’s friends, Carrie Montgomery, once said that he “made women want to nurture and protect him. He was a paradox in that way, because he also could be brutally and intensely strong, yet at the same time, he could appear fragile and delicate.”

47. Cobain came close to joining the Navy, even meeting with a recruitment officer at one point to discuss enrolling.

48. A line from one of Cobain’s journals reads: “I have met many minds able to store and translate a pregnantly large amount of information, yet they havent an ounce of talent for wisdom or the appreciation of passion.”

49. Cobain started using heroin on a daily basis to relieve his chronic stomach pains. In his diary, he wrote, “So I decided, if I felt like a junkie, I may as well be one.”

50. At one point, Cobain claimed to spend $100 per day on heroin.

51. Before he was famous, for a time Cobain worked as a swimming instructor for kids at the YMCA in Aberdeen.

52. Cobain claims he started throwing 7-Up cans full of pebbles at police cars at the age of six.

53. In a letter he sent to Nirvana’s former drummer, Dave Foster, Cobain wrote: “Getting a name on a record isn’t shit. Anybody can do it, but theres a big difference between credentials & notoriety, and self respect through music.”

54. After hearing “In Bloom” for the first time and feeling overwhelmed by how good it was, in 1992 Courtney Love said: “I instantly felt sorry for Kurt. I knew immediately the nightmare that awaited the poor thing.”

55. As a child, Cobain had a Mickey Mouse drum kit.

56. Cobain once wrote: “I have been forced to become a reclusive Rock Star. IE: No interviews, no radio appearances, etc. due to the legions of self appointed authorities on music who are not musicians, who have not contributed anything artistic to Rock and Roll besides maybe a few second rate long winded, books on Rock and Roll and most importantly who are the highest group of mysogynists in all forms of expression.”

57. The first time Cobain saw himself on television was on September 28, 1991, for a taping of MTV’s 120 Minutes.

58. One year, Cobain cut up an inflatable sex doll and wore it for Halloween.

59. Cobain once said, “I went through most of my adolescent life being a male and not being aware of feminism, but I was always more of a feminine person. I always felt more inclined to hang out with girls, and I appreciated softer pop music during most of my childhood, until I became a teenager when I started smoking pot.”

60. In one journal entry, Cobain stated that the Sex Pistols were “one million times more important than the Clash.”

61. After Nirvana was famous, Cobain offered to play at the inaugural International Pop Underground festival in Olympia, but the event coordinators turned him down. Cobain was hurt by the rejection, and felt alienated from the scene he cared about most.

62. Cobain started wearing boxer briefs after Courtney Love expressed concern over his tiger-print Y-fronts.

63. Cobain would sometimes get moody and sit in a corner for 45 minutes without saying a word.

64. Cobain once wrote, “Art that has long lasting value cannot be appreciated by majorities, only the same, small percent will value arts patience as they always have. This is good.”

65. As a child, Cobain could recite the dialog from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind word-for-word.

66. Just hours after performing on Saturday Night Live, and one week before Nevermind hit number one on the charts, Cobain overdosed on drugs. Courtney Love found him at 7:00 am the next morning lying on the floor. She revived him by splashing water on his face and punching him in the stomach.

67. On Christmas Eve, 1991, three months after the release of Nevermind, Cobain and Courtney Love were living in a tiny room in a friend’s apartment.

68. As a boy, Cobain was temporarily put on Ritalin to curb his hyperactivity.

69. When asked what it’s like being number one on Billboard, Cobain responded, “It’s like being number 16, only even more people kiss your ass.”

70. One of Cobain’s most prized possessions was a signed first edition of William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch.

71. In 1992, Cobain claimed that he and Courtney Love spent a million dollars: $80,000 on personal expenses, $380,000 on taxes, $300,000 on a house in Carnation, Washington, and the rest on doctors and lawyers. “That’s not very much,” said Cobain. “That’s definitely not what Axl [Rose] spends a year.”

72. After performing “Territorial Pissings” on Saturday Night Live, Cobain and Nirvana bassist, Krist Novoselic began French-kissing. SNL refused to air the footage on reruns.

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